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Joe's Prayer

Back in the 1970s and 1980s, Joe Guanish (above) was chief of the Naskapis and a key advocate for Bible translation among his people. After a dream one night several years ago, Guanish composed a prayer for his people and wrote it down using the Naskapi script.

Here it is, translated into English.

Almighty and everlasting God, who created everything and who created us and who supplied everything for us to use, we thank You for treating us well, especially for giving us Your Son to die for us so that we should not perish. Help us to do Your will, for we want to do what You ask of us and the way we should live our lives. Help every nation of this world and people of all ages.

Help all who suffer and who are sick. Heal those who need healing and renew their minds. Forgive all their sins and purify their minds to serve You only all their lives.

Also help our grandchildren, children and our great-grandchildren and also our friends. Help them to have healthy bodies and spirit.

. . . Also help us all who are elders, forgive us also of all our sins we have committed against You all our lives and deliver us from evil. Help us to serve You for the rest of our lives.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord,




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