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Literacy opens doors, hearts, and minds.

When people can read Scripture in a language they clearly understand, they can better interact with it and integrate it into their lives.
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A heart filled with honey

As a child, Stella had enjoyed attending school in Cameroon's Ndop Plain. But because she had no sponsor, she had to drop out.

Four reasons mother-tongue literacy matters

Why is it important to help people learn in their first language? And what does teaching literacy have to do with Bible translation? More than you might think.

Bloom software helps new readers blossom

Bloom is software that enables people to quickly create books in their own language. In places where Bible translation is underway, it also gives people the tools they need to become readers of the Word.

Prayer fuelled by literacy

The ability to read, though often taken for granted, helps us establish a vital prayer life.

God's surprising guidance

Wycliffe Canada intern Anna Grove once thought it unlikely that God would lead her to return to her childhood home in Africa.
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A brand new alphabet and the first-ever book

A few years after linguists helped an Asian community develop a writing system for their language, they wondered if all that work had made any difference.
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The boy who discovered how smart he is

Jawid was tired of being yelled at in school. If only he could understand the language his teacher used in class.
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When the letters come alive

Train to become a literacy specialist

As a Literacy & Education Specialist, you will partner with communities and organizations to carry out literacy goals such as multilingual education and adult literacy.