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Invest in DRC Trauma Healing

You can bring healing to tens of thousands of victims of trauma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), through your gift to this project (featured in this issue of Word Alive). Here are the basic details of this life-giving effort, which you can support through Wycliffe Canada.

Name: DRC Trauma Healing

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Africa

Language Groups: 10, spoken by two million people

Overview: DRC Trauma Healing provides comfort, hope and healing to people traumatized by violence, sexual assault, illness, death, and destruction of homes in the eastern part of the DRC, where Bible translation and literacy work are underway. Much of the brutality was ignited by the country’s civil war, and most pastors lack training and resources to address the resulting trauma. As a result, churches are partnering with Wycliffe to receive training and Scripture-based trauma healing materials. These have been translated into local languages and are effectively used in workshops for victims and future workshop facilitators. Besides addressing trauma, this ministry encourages speakers to see the importance of using translated mother-tongue Scriptures to deal with life’s difficult issues.

Timeline: 2012-2019

Funding Need: $47,400

Donating today means trauma victims will get relief from their despair and hopelessness!

• Give online at

• Call 1-800-463-1143 toll free and indicate your gift is for “DRC Trauma Healing.”


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