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Invest in the Ndop Cluster

You can help advance Bible distribution, literacy and Scripture use through your gift to the Ndop Cluster (featured in this issue of Word Alive). Here are the basic details of this important partnership with the language groups on the Ndop Plain, which you can support through your gifts to Wycliffe Canada.

Name: Ndop Cluster 

Location: Cameroon, Africa

Language Groups: 250,000 speakers of 10 related languages.

Overview: The aim of the Ndop Cluster is to advance Bible translation, Scripture use and/or literacy for 10 languages on the Ndop Plain in northwest Cameroon, so that after seven to 10 years each language will have: 

  • Appropriate documentation (including linguistic descriptions, mature writing systems,  dictionaries, etc.)
  • A New Testament available in printed and audio form.
  • The Luke film.
  • Self-supporting literacy and Scripture-use programs.
  • Trained, experienced and motivated local translators, literacy teachers and Scripture-use promoters.

Help Spread God’s Word in Cameroon!

Ndop Cluster Ends 2026

  • Funding needed until the end of this year: $64,103
  • Become a monthly financial partner.
  • Give a gift of translation, Scripture use and literacy.
  • Leave a legacy of Scripture.
  • Commit to praying.

Give online at

Call 1-800-463-1143 toll free and indicate your gift is for “The Ndop Cluster.”


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Featured Partnership

Invest in the Ndop Cluster

Wycliffe Canada Featured Partnership