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Invest in the Cree Initiative

(Above photo) Oji-Cree elder in Kingfisher Lake, Ont. By Natasha Ramirez

You can help propel translation of God’s Word for more than 100,000 people located across much of Canada, through your gift to this project (featured in this issue of Word Alive). Here are the basic details of this important Bible translation partnership, which you can support through Wycliffe Canada.

Name: Cree Initiative 

Location: Canada

Language Groups: Initially five related Cree groups 

Overview: Speakers in these languages are hindered by a lack of Scriptures that they can clearly understand. God’s Word needs to speak to their hearts, which is critical for their spiritual well-being. The project is building capacity for local First Nations people to do their own Bible translation and promote use of God’s Word in their heart language, which they have identified as a priority at the grass roots level. To accomplish this, Wycliffe staff, along with key Bible agency partners, provide training and support to mother-tongue translators in each language community. Your donations will be used for salaries, equipment and travel for mother-tongue translators serving their own people.

Timeline: Now – 2024

Funding Need: $113,600

Your donation today helps spread God’s Word through this project!

- Give online at

- Call 1-800-463-1143 toll free and indicate your gift is for “Cree Initiative.”


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