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Two Crucial Ways You Can Support Wycliffe Workers

Emergency Fund

What do Wycliffe personnel do when they face a financial crisis/emergency while overseas or are chronically low on financial support, as is often the case with home-assigned staff serving in Canada?

Attempting to care for its staff, Wycliffe Canada has a special fund set up to provide short-term assistance for these stressful situations.

You can play a special role to keep this fund strong through your gifts. Your donation will ensure that financially strapped personnel can keep moving the global Bible translation task forward!

To learn more, visit our the Emergency Fund page on our website. 

Retirement Matching Fund

As Wycliffe missionaries serve around the world, they look to God to supply their financial needs—while actively serving and in retirement—through the gifts of churches and interested friends. 

Recognizing this, Wycliffe Canada started a program to help its personnel have enough money for their future retirement needs. Wycliffe members are encouraged to invest in our Group Retirement Savings Plan, which currently qualifies them to receive a matching amount from this fund dependingon the size of their contribution.

You can help Wycliffe missionaries put aside needed funds for retirement by contributing financially to this fund. Your gifts will ensure the ongoing viability of this important program and help expand it!

Donate to one or both of these funds today through one-time or ongoing gifts!

• You can do so by visit wycliffe.ca

• Or by calling 1-800-463-1143 and indicate your gift is for these funds.


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Featured Partnership

Two Crucial Ways You Can Support Wycliffe Workers