The Privilege of Planting and Watering

The Peace River Bible Institute auditorium was buzzing as Bible school students wandered from one mission booth to another, asking questions and collecting information and stamps for their mission week passports. Upon seeing the Hawaiian Pidgin New Testament, one young man asked, “Why did they even bother to make that?” With enthusiasm, my colleague Sam Wuermli and I began to explain the importance of language, linguistics, and understanding. Though the young man may have been a little overwhelmed, our passion must have caught his attention because he kept coming back to ask more questions. 

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This student was one of many whose eyes were opened that week in November. We collaborated with the Great Commission Cooperative (Wycliffe and 20 other mission agencies) to provide an intriguing, fun-filled week for the students with workshops, learning games, mission coaching and snippets of virtual mission trips. Many of the students had never attended a mission conference before and were eager to learn. What a joy it was to be personally engaged in planting seeds. We pray that God will use these enlightening moments to raise up more workers for His harvest.

God is at work even when we cannot see it.

Workers like D’Arcy, whose story is one of perseverance and commitment. D’Arcy joyfully went on his first field experience in November 2021; his path to get there was not an easy one. He was drawn to linguistics at university, which led him to throw himself into master's level linguistics studies at the Canada Institute of Linguistics. However, his passion was tested by many obstacles: student debt, closed doors to assignments, challenges in raising support, French study needs, visa issues and Covid. The road to his assignment was not straightforward, but imagine his excitement when he finally stepped off the plane at his field destination. He had no idea it would take eight years after his studies before God’s timing was right, but, in his words, “God doesn’t take no for an answer.” 

Mobilization can be discouraging because the fruit is often many years away. Conferences like the one described above, one-on-one Zoom meetings, and our quarterly online events provide highlights in the midst of the usual daily routines. D’arcy’s story encourages us to persevere because it reminds us that God is at work even when we cannot see it. 

As God’s people pray, we see the Lord touching hearts, moving mountains and accomplishing His purposes to enable people to know Him.
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Braden (right), who completed Wycliffe's pre-application process with a mission coach, said, “I’m more familiar with what Wycliffe does and it’s helped me process what [ministry with Wycliffe] might look like. I definitely would recommend the coaching; it’s super helpful! You can think things through before jumping into it.” 

Braden continues to seek God’s direction. Mission coaches are delighted to be working with several people like him who are sincerely searching out their role in the Great Commission. Although most of the mobilization team’s coaching and connecting is currently done online, we are trusting that God will water the seeds being planted and bring more people into service with Wycliffe. 

Sometimes, we have the privilege of being the waterers. Our newest staff member was nearing the end of a successful and fulfilling career and ministry, but he knew that he wanted to continue to have an impact. One of his contacts, a Wycliffe member, shared a priority need for someone to help with communication needs in a limited-access country. He perked up when he realized that the need could be filled remotely. He offered his services and willingly underwent the many steps required for thorough screening of applicants. He is now one of several retirees who are helping to end Bible poverty by giving of their time in service. For a few hours each week, he will be serving people that he has never met because he has a heart for them to know Jesus. The impact of those hours invested each week will be far reaching.

The impact may even involve another person who has just finished the coaching process. Like D’Arcy, one young woman was interested in Bible translation for a long time but the obstacles seemed insurmountable. Then, she saw God knocking down barriers one by one. Even as she waits on God to give clear guidance regarding her application, she volunteers remotely with a translation project in a sensitive region. 

Could the impact even extend to you? As you pray for Bibleless peoples and ask God to send labourers for the harvest (Matt. 9:38), perhaps He will open a new door in your life, or in the life of someone you’re praying for.

There is an unspoken commonality to all these stories. Mobilization and membership are dependent on the prayers of God’s people. There is a reason Jesus asked the disciples to pray for workers. Left on our own, we’d likely not surmount the challenges. But as God’s people pray, we see the Lord touching hearts, moving mountains and accomplishing His purposes to enable people to know Him.

We’re also privileged to see Him work through ordinary people, in His perfect timing. 

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